Short Tutorial for Using Microsoft Virtual Earth

(Complete interactive tutorial is available at

1) To move the map, click and drag your mouse.

2) There are three ways to zoom:

     a) Use the +/- altitude control in the navigation panel in the top left of the tool window

    b) Double click your mouse.

    c) Rotate the wheel button on your mouse.

3) Use the navigation panel to change the type of map you see:

    a) Road view is similar to a traditional map.

    b) Aerial and hybrid maps are satellite views that provide a look from up above.

    c) Bird’s eye view provides actual close-up pictures of locations from multiple angles.

    d) With 3D, experience buildings and landscapes as they exist.

4) Bird’s Eye view – Click the building icon on the navigation panel to launch this feature.

5) Virtual Earth 3D (this feature currently works only in Internet Explorer) – Click the 3D for a quick install of this feature. A new icon is presented in the bottom left of the tool window that allows you to pan the map and adjust your perspective. When navigating in 3D: To tilt or rotate, on your keyboard press the Ctrl button. At the same time, press and hold the left mouse button.