DEM image of Crater Lake West.


A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is digital cartographic/geographic data in raster form. The terrain elevations for ground positions are sampled at regularly spaced horizontal intervals. DEMs are derived from hypsographic data (contour lines) and/or photogrammetric methods using USGS 7.5-minute, 15-minute, 2-arc-second (30- by 60-minute), and 1-degree (1:250,000-scale) topographic quadrangle maps.

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Crater Lake color bar.

DEM Download

Crater Lake National Park covers twelve 7.5-minute quadrangle maps. These 12 DEM quads have been mosaicked together. The mosaicked files are more convenient for looking at areas throughout the basin or areas on the edge of two quadrangles.

DEMs are in UTM NAD27 zone 10 projection.

DEM image of the mosaicked 12 quads for Crater Lake National Park.

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10-m DEM, .dem format
(27 MB compressed, 103 MB uncompressed).

10-m DEM, ARC/INFO grid format
(30 MB compressed, 68 MB uncompressed).

10-m Hillshade, JPEG format
(jpg with world file, 2 MB uncompressed).