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About TOP

The TOP Indicators project tracks a key set of 89 metrics from 1990 to 2013 across all counties in the state.

The indicators were selected to reflect state priorities as expressed in the Oregon Benchmarks and the 10-year Plan (Governor Kitzhaber, 2013). Additional indicators were added based on their inclusion in the State of Our Health 2013: Key Health Indicators for Oregonians report by Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University. A small number of additional indicators were selected to reflect trends in social science research and to illuminate issues of disparities and equity.


Who is TOP for?

TOP Indicators suggest areas of progress and challenges. They highlight statewide trends as well as local variability. These data can help decision makers identify priorities and track progress.

Tracking Oregon’s Progress Indicators are for state and local decision makers, such as: state legislators, county officials, philanthropies, non-profit professionals, state agency professionals, educators, and businesses.

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