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As part of the Conservation 2050 future scenario, the researchers at the Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium and stakeholders identified lands for conservation and restoration activities. They identified two tiers of conservation and restoration lands. Tier 1 lands are managed as a naturally functioning landscape, for example, a county park managed as native woodland, savanna and grassland communities.

The second grouping, Tier 2 lands are managed to produce goods and services in harmony with natural processes. Each site isn`t fully "natural" but it provides much of the structure and many of the same "services" as a native system while still providing landowner income

Examples of Tier 2 lands include:

  • A poplar plantation on agricultural land within the river`s floodplain.
  • An oak savanna site where the understory is composed of both native and non native herbs, grasses and forbs and is maintained by grazing or mowing instead of burning.
  • Riparian or wetland areas in an urban landscape such as a public park or public openspace. The lands around the West Eugene Wetlands and Smith & Bybee Lakes in Portland are good examples.